"The SEO Playbook" by Robbie Richards

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What will be in the course?

A series of repeatable step-by-step “playbooks” (plug-and-play systems/processes) online marketers and solopreneurs can implement immediately to rapidly grow organic traffic and authority for their business, clients and/or employers, across any industry.

Each playbook builds on top of the previous one to deliver compounding traffic gains.

This is not a beginners level course on theory, but a series of systems you can use to build marketable skill sets, train employees across core SEO services, and/or implement immediately to grow your organic traffic and audience.

I normally charge clients 4-5 figures a month for the services covered in these playbooks.

The launch version of the course will start with 3 playbooks (additional playbooks added over time):

1: Content Audit Playbook:
This is all about laying a solid foundation for ongoing SEO and content strategy. You’ll learn how to audit website content at scale, and make one of four page-level decisions - keep, remove, improve, consolidate - using data. This process helps remove content penalties, and deliver fast organic traffic gains without writing any new content.

***This is the exact process I used to take a client from 3,500 organic visits and 130 leads a month, to 10,000 organic visits and 300 leads a month in one of the most brutal industries online (without writing a single new blog post or building any new backlinks).

2: Quick-Win Playbook: You don’t have to wait months or years to see significant organic traffic growth. This playbook will show you how to find all the quick-win keyword targets on your website, prioritize targets, and reveal 3 simple ways to get overnight organic traffic gains.

***This process consistently increases organic traffic 25-30% within 90 days for established websites.

3: Keyword Research Playbook: After the first two playbooks you’ll have built a rock solid content foundation for your website and captured all the quick organic traffic wins. In this playbook, you'll learn a repeatable 5-step system to find, filter, map and prioritize keyword targets across each stage of the sales funnel. You’re pouring gasoline on the fire, and scaling up for long term organic traffic growth.

***Clients that have followed and scaled this process have seen 70%+ organic traffic gains over a 12 month period.

What you'll get with the Playbooks...

The beauty of the playbooks is that they are 100% repeatable, and structured in a way that you can simply open up the tutorials and follow them step-by-step to completion. No guessing where to start, or what to do next. Everything is mapped out for you. 

Additional playbooks - link building, SEO audits, content promotion, backlink audits, list building etc - will be added to the course over time. Students will be able to vote on new playbook ideas so you are always getting playbooks that are relevant, and deliver the most value.

→ Each of the playbooks will contain video tutorials, downloadable templates, and checklists.

The course will launch at $197 in the beginning of 2018, and go up exponentially as more content is added over time.

However, the first 25 people who pre-order will get lifetime access to the course for $79 (one-time fee). 

You’ll be able to make playbook requests, receive updates on the course progress, and get lifetime access to all playbooks added to the course over time. Other similar courses sell for over $2000.

Get lifetime access to the SEO playbook for $79 (one-time fee) now!

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"The SEO Playbook" by Robbie Richards

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